Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time Flying By

So this week i am doing good. Time flew by fast! it feels like i just emailed you yesterday haha. My investigators are cool. We met some really cool people this week. Usually when i am talking to anyone but my companion, i have to put on my ghanaian accent and sound like a complete idiot for them to understand me. but we met someone who is super smart and i can talk normal to him and he understands me perfectly. I forgot his name though. Samuel is in his 50s. He has now come to church for 3 sundays in a row! He is so solid and i wish i could just baptize him now but we only get to see him twice a week so he will be baptized on the 8th. We were having a hard time with Esther for the past couple of weeks. But This week she said she was ready to be baptized so we said okay and had the interview last saturday night. She was not baptized yesterday. Satan is working really hard mom. She has not attended her church for three months. Saturday morning those pastors came to her house because they heard she was joining the mormon church. I know those pastors were sent from satan. They said some things to her that kind of worried her. We had a great powerful lesson with her and we are planning on baptizing her on the first. On wednesday me and my comp are fasting for her. 
Mom there is no way that you can prepare any food like what i eat here. Your food is just too good. I eat sour banku with nothing but HOT peppers and zombie fish with all the guts and the head still there and have to eat all.
That makes me so sad that happened to my best friend at church... I will be praying for her. She does have a great spirit and it humbles me too. Cleaning the church here is a lot more work than at home. There is no carpet so we have to sweep and mop everything and it gets dirty very easily because there is so much dust. and there is nothing clean here in this town.
I kind of miss playing (french horn and trumpet). I wish i had an instrument to play though. Should i buy a guitar here?
He (Kyle) really needs to start reading them (scriptures) and studying them (scriptures). I am proud of him (Kyle) for that. I am now almost done with Alma. I have never read the BOM all the way through before and that is one of my biggest regrets. I had no idea The Book of Mormon was so powerful. My favorite time of the day is personal study. I look forward to reading it all the time. I now understand it and i get so much out of it. It helps me so much in my life. I know it is true.
I hope that you are staying patient. There is a scripture somewhere in the book of alma that talks about being patient and trusting the Lord. I think its in chapter 23.
I love you mom.
Elder Green

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