Sunday, January 18, 2015

And he came to church!

Hello everyone! I will do my best to tell you everything that happened this week. All the days are starting to blur together and everything is just going by super fast.
Tuesday was challenging because me and my companion were supposed to go on splits in akrofufu but Ofori was busy working and our great friend Lord just got a teaching job. So we had no one to go and translate for us that day. We just stayed in Kwabeng and tried to find more people to teach there. We were super bummed out because we have so many serious investigators there and we only get to go there twice a week.
Wednesday we found someone to go teach in Akrofufu with us so we spent small time there visiting this wonderful family about Faith and Repentance. I know that they felt the spirit and will do their best to progress and find out what is true. I love teaching them because they are just always ready when we come and are excited to learn new things.
Thursday, the new elder from South Africa got to the apartment and his companion was in Accra so he stayed with me and my companion that day. I know that the Spirit is always with us when we are working hard and staying righteous. We were just walking around because all the appointments failed and i had a prompting to go a certain direction. We passed by this house and i immediately knew i needed to go up to it. There was a guy there that i know is ready to accept the gospel. He was taught a long time ago by missionaries but then just stopped teaching him for some reason. He told me the church is true and that he wants to join. Lets see what happens. 
An investigator actually came to church!!!!! That made me so happy. I got to sit with him during all the classes and he told me that he liked it and he should be coming again.  

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