Tuesday, August 11, 2015

July 6-12: New Zone

July 6-July 12

Tuesday- We had zone training meeting today. It was my first for this zone. The zone leaders were prepared and had the spirit with them. In these meetings, all the missionaries in a certain area come and we learn from each other. We are all trying to improve so its about how to teach better and how to be most effective in our work. Our mission president is making inspired goals for the mission. Awhile ago he told us we need to work to get 2 baptisms, 2 recent converts to go to temple, and 2 less actives to be reactivated every month. Now he wants to add to it. Now we are also working to receive 5 referrals a week, find where 2 new members stay, and have a FHE each week. Even though we don't work for numbers, it's good to set goals to improve our work.

Wednesday- One of the members came out and proselyted with us all morning. Lydia helped us out papa! We were blessed to have 3 lessons with her. We first taught Rosemary about the Book of Mormon again. We want her to fully understand everything and keep her commitments but right now she's not. Then we taught someone for the second time. She didn't understand why she can't just pick out the good things from every religion and that be okay. So we explained to her how Christ only has one religion and how he only established one church. So we need to follow Jesus Christ. The last person was someone we contacted. He's 19 and seems pretty cool. Hopefully the next visit will be good too. In the afternoon we gave a nine year old a blessing because he has malaria. It was a nice one and he will be okay. We went to choir practice also. Ghanaians LOVE to sing! They can sing all day and all night! It was a lot of fun. I think we will be learning how to sing I am a child of god in twi sometime soon.

Thursday- It was a rough day. No one was serious and no one wanted to sit down with us and learn. So it was a full day of contacting basically. But we were able to find a recent convert we didn't know about and we brought her to midweek. So that was all good.

Friday- Sister Lydia helped us teach Rosemary and Magdalene again. It was good to have her there. I feel like it is more powerful when the member testifies of things than when I do. So it was good. They are progressing verrrrryyyyyy slowwwww. It will help them out so much if they come to church Sunday. We had another lesson with a member. His name is Ephraim. He stays right next to Harriet. She is only 12 but she remembers everything we teach her. It's amazing! She is progressing very fast. We just need to get her parents involved in the lessons and that's the hard part. I also met Solomon today for the first time. The last time he was taught I was with the zone leader. He seems to have a good desire to know the truth.

Saturday- we met with a less active Dina. She hasn't been to church for years. She's 18 and I think she feels out of place because she has a child. So we are just trying to review with her why its important to go and everyone has imperfections. Her sister is also less active but she was working today. We then got to see Godwin. He is so amazing because he read the whole book we gave him! And he had legit concerns and we were able to help him answer his questions. It was sweet-o. We later met with another less active and her daughter who is also less active. The daughter will likely be at church but not the mother.

Sunday- Church was good today. 3 investigators came and a less active. Magdalene came for the first time since I've been here. When people don't come, I feel like all the time I sacrifice for them during the week is wasted. Then after church we ended up giving 8 blessings in a row to these old grandmas. It was so funny to see their great faith and little understanding. It was an experience I'll never forget. In Ghana if you give one blessing you better be ready to give a blessing to everyone!