Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey family: 05 January 2015

I have been living in 2015 longer than you guys have! I hope you had a nice break. So its pretty cold huh? Right now it is the dry season and here in the mountains it gets pretty cold during the night. It gets to about 70-75 degrees at night these days and I FREEZE at night! I put on my sweats and and get under all my blankets when i sleep. I can't imagine how cold you must be but i seriously get cold at nights and when i wake up in the morning. Thanks for sending me more stuff. I really appreciate it. I would appreciate it if you could send some international mailing stamps so i can send letters home. 

Tuesday we were not able to go on splits in Akrofufu again. It is really frustrating because we have so many people to see there it is impossible to visit everyone if we are not on splits. Jacob and his family are so awesome. I love to teach them. i know that he and his wife will be strong in the church. This drunk guy was interrupting us during the lesson and Jacob started to teach him what i taught him and then he testified that this church is true. It was really cool to see. 

Wednesday was very eventful. Our branch played another church in futbol in the morning. Of course i decided not to play because i'm lazy and i just had a bad feeling about playing. My companion played though. Five mins into the game, My companion got hurt. He kicked the ball at the same time as another player did and it sent him flying in the air. He landed very hard on the rocky, dirt field. His chin was the first thing to hit the ground. When he eventually got off the field i ran up to him so i could help him. His chin had a Huge hole in it and i immediately knew that he needed stitches. it was so bad that i felt very sick and i almost fainted. He took care of himself though and called the mission president. He told us to go to Accra to get it stitched up. So we went to accra and he got it fixed from the mission doctor. We had to stay there overnight because it was late when we got the chin fixed. So we got to go to a huge party that the Tesano stake was having. It was soooo much fun! there were SOOOO many people there. I liked it a lot mainly because i got to see my best friend here in ghana. Elder Broadhead and i got to talk and party together. He made my night and it was cool. All the missionaries had to leave at 9 because the mission president was there. So we stayed at the office elders and the APs apartment. There, we did not get any sleep because the apartment was right next to a church and they were soo loud and speaking in tongues all night. plus the fireworks were going off all freaking night. But yeah, fun times in Accra.

Thursday we just had to wake up in the morning and survive the three hour trotro ride back to Kwabeng. So bumpy and hot and long. a trotro should fit 10 people in it but somehow they fit 30. We got back and later that night the elders in my apartment cooked some rice and chicken and stuff for the ward missionaries and we had a party for them at the apartment. Because they help us so much and they sacrifice everything for us. It was fun. 

Friday was blahhh because it was hot and lots of people were too busy to teach. But we did do some contacting and found more cool people in Kwabeng. 

Saturday we couldn't go on splits again because Ofori had to stay at his shop and work. So it was pretty much like Tuesday. 

Sunday was a big let down because no one showed up for church. I felt like we taught many great powerful lessons during the week. But people have agency and decided to not act on what they know to be true. This was the first time i really was upset that no one came. Because i know that they will be lost if they don't come to church. I teared up a bit when sacrament meeting was over and i saw no investigators. Am i doing something wrong? ughhh

I love you all and hope that you adjust back to school okay. I cant wait for these kids to go back to school here. So i won't have to hear obroni being yelled from every direction during the day. Make sure that you are all studying the scriptures and that you learn together as a family. Families are great blessings and i love mine so much.

Love, Elder Green

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