Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Week 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone! This week was a lot of fun but we did not have many lessons because of everyone traveling. On tuesday, we were supposed to go on splits in Akrofufu but our friend Lord was not able to make it so me and my companion just stayed together. That day we taught 10 lessons in about five hours. Lots of great work is being done there. We are teaching this awesome sweet family. They live basically at the end of the town so its a long and tiring walk to get there. Jacob and Victoria are the parents and they have agreed to be baptized on january 25th. They have about four or five children and its fun to see them and how they listen to us very closely and pay attention well. We also teach this man named Francis. He believes everything is true but the main problem we have with him is we have to teach the same lesson like three times before he will remember what we taught. So that was a good day on tuesday.
Christmas was a lot of fun because we went to a baptismal service that the other elders near by had. so it was a white christmas. We then went over to elder and sister daltons house and they made our zone american food. spaghetti and cake! yummmm.
Thank you all for sending me cards and packages. it really made it feel somewhat like christmas here. In ghana, noone really celebrates it. they acknowledge it is christmas but they just go about their normal day haha.
On friday the Kwabeng branch played another branch in futbol. It was pretty fun. All these people here can play really well and it is very interesting to watch. I had the chance to play some but i decided not to because they all take the game way too seriously and it didnt seem worth getting into all the drama. another reason is because i am white. i have no skills at all haha but i really do enjoy watching. The game ended early because some people got into a big huge fight and both teams almost started to get at it. So yeah it was interesting. After the game, me and my companion got fed some kenke and it was absolutely disgusting. Then thirty mins later we got fed banku and that was alright. An hour after that we got fed fufu. man i was sooooo full!!!! I was full and i had to force myself to finish all the food because it is very very disrespectful to not finish something. I am going to be fat when i return home i promise.
None of the people we were working with showed up for church on sunday and that was so depressing. all throughout the week, our investigators promised us they would be at church. nope they totally lied. Idk what stops them from coming. If they show up once i know for a fact that theyll be converted and feel the spirit. Its so hard to see someone not make the decision to exercise their faith. ughh. During sacrament meeting a couple birds flew in the chapel and that caused a big commotion and the spirit left, then the whole congregation started to talk and laugh loudly while waiting for some one to walk up to the microphone for the prayer and the spirit left, then the branch pres. started to have a big huge discussion with the whole ward about something because it wasn't time to end sacrament meeting. idk what goes on at church because its all in a language i don't understand at all. oh well it is all cool though.
I am still learning and having a great time. It is way tough but i know that God is on my side helping me out. I know that i am nothing without God. The spirit is so necessary in everything we do. We all need to be worthy to have it with us. The spirit is what testifies to other people. I love and miss you all. Have a nice week.
Elder Green

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