Monday, September 21, 2015

Would you rather eat snail or cow skin?

Would you rather eat snail or cow skin?

We had a nice family home evening at night. We talked about service and why we should serve and tied it into sharing the gospel with friends. I felt the spirit. Then we played Don't Eat Pete. It was hilarious! No one here knows what it is so I had to introduce it to them and carry on the family tradition :) Next time ill try to get a video.
I was in a trio today with Elder Paddon and Elder Desta. It was sweet! We went out into my area and had some great lessons. I like going out with other missionaries because I can learn new ideas and new things from them. One thing I learned from Elde Desta is that I need to talk with everyone. I've been teaching this guy named Collins about 3 times. But he has travelled and hasn't returned. His brother always tells us he isn't home so we just say okay and leave. But Desta talked to his brother and asked if we could sit down with him. He said yeah and we taught him. He is sweet just like his brother. I wish I had talked to him before. Everyone deserves to hear about the restored gospel!!!
We extended a baptismal date to Dina. Everything was perfect and she accepted. The only problem is she just informed us right after, that she doesn't actually live here. She lives in another region and will go back in 10 days. Bummer.. She is so ready for this gospel! I am not sure if the church is in that region yet.
I told Elder Paddon that if he contacted this person and got her to let us sit down with her, I'd give him a fanice. He did it. So now I owe him a fanice.
As a district, we make dinner together one day a week. Last week it was pancakes. (I finally used the pancakes you packed for me mom). This week it was taco soup. It tasted AMAZING except the chips were kind of stale. It was just like chili.

We set up an activity for the young men. This morning we played ultimate frisbee and football with them for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. These guys are crazy good. But no one knows how to throw a frisbee. I was the goalie for a bit but they kicked me out because I let the other team score three times. And then I never touched the ball again ;(
We had district council meeting after that. We as a mission are focusing on preach my gospel chapter 10 for this month. So in companionship study we will be focusing our studies on that.
We went out to see a man named nii borty first thing. He has a huge house and didn't trust us because he thought we were just acting like we share the word of god but actually wanted to steal something. But then we gained his trust and he allowed us to come back another time :) After that we visited Delaly (our rice girl). She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. We gave her some passages to read from and next time we will see if that helped her. Next we met a lady named Bridget. She is the person who saw me crash last week. We went back to her and taught her. She was so happy to get to know us and our message.
We had choir practice. I struggle at playing the piano for them. My eyes can't focus long enough to play as fast as I want. Frustrating. But we are singing well. The stake president told us our ward has the best choir in the stake.

Thursday- Some big black bird was digging through the rubbish this morning. Knocked over the can and just made the whole back area of the outside of our house dirty.
The other missionaries had a baptism today so we invited Dina to see the baptism. She loved it so much and told us that the next baptism will be hers! And then joe also came and he told me he will be ready to be baptized before Sunday. It is funny how last week I thought we wouldn't get any baptisms this transfer but now we have two baptisms for sure in 2 weeks. The work is sooo sweet.
At midweek we learned about the men's Devine roles and responsibilities. Preside, provide, protect, procreate, love. God made man first so the man can take care of the woman.

Friday- The APs called me in the morning and told me that they were coming to go on an exchange with me and Elder Paddon. They came a couple hours later and I went with Elder Santo from South Africa. It was a great day for us. He really helped me a lot with the people we are teaching. I now have a better idea about how to handle people and when to drop less actives. We found a nice family that has the smartest little girls ever! We asked them what they did today (they're on vacation) and they said they went to the library! I love it when small children speak good English and only English :)

Saturday- Ephraim (a member) came out to proselyte with us. It helped sooo much. He showed us where a couple of his friends stay am we met them. It was such a blessing to receive referrals today and find people that are prepared to receive the gospel.
The struggle with my mission is I have to constantly deal with these stupid bikes! It seems like I'm spending at least one half day at the repair shop a week! My tire blew up while I was ridding it today.
Choir was fun. We are still learning I am a child of god in twi. I'm trying to memorize it. Obroni can speak twi!

Sunday- Church was very nice today. Because it was the 5th Sunday of the month, for 3rd hour we were all together. We all worked on... Family history! It was a great experience for everyone. Everyone was doing it and filling out their pedigree charts. I was in charge of taking all of the pictures. So if you happen to see any that the church puts out, make sure you know I was the photographer. Now we are going to follow up on those people and make sure they take the names to the temple. It's a sweet work.
My Sunday proselyting went well. After church we met with a lot of families. Those families all have someone who isn't a member. So we strengthened the families and taught the investigators. We had a fhe with the ward mission leader. We were fed rice balls and groundnut soup. Then I gave a small lesson about following the example of the trees in the sacred grove. After that we played a funny game. We all pick one animal to be and we have to come up with a sound and a sign for that animal. I chose a humpback whale.
Joe is still doing well. We taught him about faith and repentance. He will be baptized on the 10th for sure and he says that day is too far away. He's a great guy and friend.
Oh and we had to walk everywhere today because my tire blew up again... In the house! Bicycles make me the most angry!

I love you all family and friends! Make sure you all dont forget me when you eat your oreos, dorritos, snickers, cake, donuts, steak, and mccdonalds. Thanks. 

Elder Green

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