Monday, September 21, 2015

August 24 2015

When was the first McDonald's built?

Tuesday- We decided to contact and go to a new part of our area that we haven't really gone to much. Now that we have bikes we can go farther and be more effective. We met this man named Steven. He let us talk to him and present our message. He said we could come back and that he'd read the pamphlet. Then we contacted more people but didn't have any more lessons in the morning.

Wednesday-I had an accident on my bike today. It was frustrating because I was planning on wearing the same shirt and pants all week long. Now I can't because they are all brown! Instead of going home to clean myself up, we rode to sister mensah and visited her family. She was very concerned about what happened to me so she cleaned my cuts up and gave me washing powder to wash my pants. The next person we saw was a less active. She also was concerned so she gave me a wet cloth to clean my pants. I love the reactions the people here give for the smallest things :) everyone's heart is so big here.
We also met with joe. He is doing very well and it's so awesome to see him change and accept this message. We first played a game with his family and then we taught him the plan of salvation. Perfect lesson :)

Thursday- We decided to say a prayer before every lesson today. As we were doing that right before we entered the gate to our first investigators house, a woman stopped us and just wanted us to follow her to her house. So we did and she told us she wants to join us. So we taught her and hopefully she will come on Sunday.
The Steven guy I was talking about on Tuesday let us teach him again today. Waste of our time. At the end of the lesson he said "let me tell you my true identity. I'm an apostle for a church." And then he was telling us we were wrong. So we finished him small about how he doesn't have the authority and we just left. Bummer.
Delaly is doing well. She is still praying and reading the Book of Mormon. And we shared something in the liahona to magdalene. It was about prayer. How god answers 4 year olds and all ages and no matter how simple the prayer is, they are all answered.

Friday- Godwin finally returned from traveling so we saw him and shared about the Book of Mormon. The we me an old lady named Stella. We told her to share with us her favorite scripture. It fit in perfectly to what we had to share :) the spirit is awesome! Harriet is doing well and we are trying to involve her whole family. It is just her that wants to be baptized. I feel she is too young to baptize by herself.

Saturday- I cleaned a lot and studied a lot.

Sunday- Four investigators came to church. We were almost late for sacrament meeting because we had to pick up Dina. She came for the first time and i think she really enjoyed it. The classes were absolutely perfect for her. After church we had a nice FHE and ate fufu. I ate most of it and All of the cow skin. I love fufu now. 

This was my week. It was a nice week and we got a lot of stuff done. I am doing well and i hope all of you are too. 

Elder Green 

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