Monday, September 21, 2015

September 6 2015

Week of August 31-September 6

What is better, Zombie fish or crab. (both have to be eaten with all the guts and skin and scales and shell)

Tuesday- The highlight of the day was teaching Dyna. I can totally see and feel that she is prepared and so ready to accept this gospel. She would be baptized this week but she is traveling so right when she gets home, we are dippin her in the water. She is a sweet humble lady that knows the truth now.
Bishops wife fed us dinner. Fried rice and some smoothie drink.
We contacted this guy from Lebanon and he seemed pretty interested. We will try to follow up on him.

Wednesday- Zone Training was today. The whole zone met together and we talked about how we can improve our missionary work. I learned lots of stuff and it was cool.
We took a newly ordained priest to come out with us all day. I loved it because he was so excited to proselyte with us. We taught this guy who's name is smiling. I can't tell if he is crazy or what but something seems a little different about him. But we gave him a chance to receive this gospel anyway. We talked about the Book of Mormon and then gave him one to read because he said he likes to read.
Then we taught maryiam and Ishmael. They are two of the older children in this sweet family. We are learning about plan of salvation with them. The get everything and I think they really like this message. We will try to involve the whole family.
We taught Dyna again because she called us and told us she wants to learn more. We made her cry because she felt the spirit. It was powerful.
Choir practice was fun. The bass section is the best.

Thursday- Two main people we saw today were Peggy and Samuel. They are progressing at the same speed. They know these things are good but they won't pray to know for some reason. I know if they pray with real intent, they'll know. It's simple!!!
We took Dyna to midweek. Someone from the Philippines cam to speak about financial things for marriage. I was bored because I can't get married for 14 more months. It was good for everyone else though.
This man from Liberia met us a couple days ago and he told us we should meet him today. So we met him at the hotel that he is staying at. He is very educated. I thought it would just be a big argument. But we just answered his questions and he told us his view and stuff. I can't tell if he's a pastor or what but I know he didn't call us to change his ways.
We are trying to find out Magdalenes thought about baptism. After seeing her today, we decided it is best to back off for a while and let her make that decision on her own. We have taught her about everything.
We met Ishmael and maryiam again. They are doi good and are still solid.
We taught Joe about the law of chastity. We committed him to obey this commandment. He's getting baptized on the 10th. After that lesson, we had FHE with the whole family and played don't eat pete.

Saturday- We were so motivated today that we decided to sing a hymn before we went out today. We went out and contacted new people and had great success. We taught five people that we contacted today a lesson. So five lessons that we didn't plan for plus all the other lessons we did plan for. It was so great!
I made Elder Paddon have to sing by himself at church tomorrow for choir.

Sunday- We had church and we met with families after church and we strengthened them and are building the kingdom of God. A lot of our apointments failed and i was bummed out about that but then we went to this family that is kind of struggling because the mother doesnt have a lot of support from her husband and her mom died a couple months ago. We made some banana bread and gave it to her. She really appreciated it and we answered some of her questions about different things. I felt like the appointments were meant to fail because she needed us most. Then she gave us a referral and that person is really seeking the truth. I know we were there for a reason. 
Joe is all good to go for his baptism on the 10th. We ate fufu at his house. I probably ate 99% of the fufu while my companion helped me eat the other 1%. Luckily i love fufu :) and its good because now we are consistantly eating fufu every sunday. 

I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Be good and 

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