Monday, September 21, 2015


Monday- We had a couple FHEs planned for the night but we were only able to make it to one. It was a good fhe. The member talked about agency. But the cool thing is i found out that it was my friends house from the mtc. So I took some pics with his mom haha.

Tuesday- President called me in the morning and told me that he wants me to train. So in a week, ill get a greenie strait from the mtc. Either an American, South African, or Zimbabwean.

Wednesday- I went to a meeting for the people who are training this next transfer. We were instructed and we had fried rice. It was at the temple site.

Thursday- We saw Godwin and I don't know if he will ever visit the church. If he comes, he'll progress. But if he doesn't, I feel like he won't so we will hope he comes Sunday.

Friday- It was our mission temple trip. Oh I love the temple so much. It truly is for the living. I just love the feeling I have while I'm in there. I wish I could go there more often! But it was an amazing experience. Then we had a mission conference. We were instructed on lots of things and it was great for me. I really needed this day.

Saturday- We had a great lesson with a guy that knows that there is a lot of corruption in most churches. He is one of the few people here who believes that God has a body and that He and Jesus Christ are two separate beings. He stopped us on the street last week and told us he wanted a Book of Mormon. So today we brought him one and explained it. He really has a good understanding on things and I feel like if we teach the apostasy well to him, he will become converted.
Sunday- 2 investigators came i think. I starved because i was fasting but then i remembered i had no food in the apartment. So i had to scrounge around the house to find little snacks haha like a mouse. but i survived. 

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