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Week of May 18-23

Week of May 18-23 

Tuesday- For district council meeting we discussed how receiving revelation is essential for salvation. One of the things that I realized is I need to receive revelation for my investigators so they can be blessed and receive their revelation and salvation. But to receive revelation I need to be worthy and always seeking for it. The thing that will bring me revelation and the spirit the fastest is diligent scripture study. That is why I have 2 hours every morning to study and get the spirit so I can go throughout my day. Read your scriptures every day guys and also share what you learn to your friends and family. It'll strengthen you and them so much. 
Now about my day: this morning was another day of finding new people to teach. We are doing everything that we can do to find people that are serious. We found someone about 23 years old who wanted to know more about the church. He is wanting to become a pastor so he was just trying to argue with us. But he is a cool person, just doesn't want to believe in some things that I know is true. We had a very powerful lesson with Isaac. He will be baptized this Sunday finally. We have worked so hard with him and have done so much to get him to this point. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him and my companion and i know he is totally ready. It's awesome. The last lesson of the day was with George and Enoch (my recent converts) and we taught Jennifer. I really like Jennifer. I think she is going to progress super fast in the gospel. She has been to church three times in a row now and is feeling comfortable around everyone now. We taught her about how God answers prayers (Galatians 5:22). That was good and we also talked a little about standing up for what we believe. 
Good day today but we need to be teaching more lessons. The lessons will come eventually I hope. 

Wednesday- I kicked a teenage goat. 

Thursday- I ate an ice cream cone. 

Friday- In the morning we started out with an hour of contacting. It was pretty good. We found six people and taught one lesson in that hour. Then we met with Cama and Christ. They are French speakers and are from Congo. They're really sweet and made us a drink from their country. It's pretty good! We taught them about the plan of salvation but focused it on temples and temple marriage because they want to get married. They liked stake conference and we pray they come to church again. Then we met someone named perpetua. She knows some members and they asked us to visit her. She is cool and wants to make us fufu next week. :)  later in the afternoon Isaac had his baptismal interview so he's good to go for his baptism. I'm so happy for him. I love that guy! We then raced down to the German man and his daughter. We had an fhe with them. It was sweet because he invited his friend to come too. We taught them and the woman he invited. It was nice to be with them in a nice home. We learned about Lehis dream and then played a game. The youngest girl beat me. 

Saturday- Wow Saturday was sweet! We are teaching this family who is filthy rich! Their house is super nice even for a house back home. They always love it when we come to them. They are just a nice Christian family and are being blessed for it. They wanted to feed us this time so we had some nice banku and pepper with tilapia. Then we learned about how to pray and how Christ set the example for us and taught us how. When we got up to leave the mom brought me and elder Carson both a big bag of CHOCOLATE! Wow it was expensive too! They did well :). I feel so happy when I see that people appreciate it when we come to help their family. And then they gave us five gigantic mangos. I was in heaven that day. Later at like 4 it started to pour and it was a huge rain storm. So we got soaked and couldn't really do anything the rest of the day. 

Sunday- Enoch and George received the gift of the Holy Ghost today. We gave them bibles too. They were happy. Chris didn't come. I was upset about that. He is less active and probably my best bud that's a Ghanaian. So we went to his house after church and he told us he forgot to take his clothes off the line when it rained. So they were all wet. He gave us some fufu that his family prepared. I ate a lot. Then we went to teach a girl who stays at the German mans place. They fed us a bunch of rice!! I ate sooo much and was so stuffed! Then right when we finished the rice and right before we started the lesson I went to the bathroom and threw it all up. Rice and fufu doesn't settle very well I guess. But the lesson went well and all is good. It was a pretty good week.

Elder Cameron Green.

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