Monday, June 22, 2015

Transfer notice to Laterbiakoshie (still in greater Accra)

Week of June 15-21

Tuesday- For district council meeting we talked small about extending commitments. What we are teaching is no small thing. If the investigators are not keeping the commitments, their salvation is at risk. 
We followed up with a lady named Victoria. It was a GREAT lesson! She is very humble and listens great. She told us that before we came, she thought Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the same but now she knows that they are different and Jesus Christ is His son. 
We saw a lot of our recent converts today. They are all doing great. Isaac is so excited to come and help us teach a couple of people. It'll be good to have him share his testimony that he now has. Nothing exciting happened this day. It was just a good day. 

Wednesday- In the morning we met with akweah. She disappointed me today :(. We have been trying to get her to pray and read and come to church. But it doesn't look like she will do those things. We have been doing our best to show her the importance of all that. We are giving her one more week. Then we had a good lesson with Nana Yaw. He is very smart and we had a very intelligent lesson. It was weird and I'm not used to those things. But we did good and answered all his questions well. 
There was this small boy that was insulting us so me and my companion started to chase him on our bikes. Right when we almost caught him, he tripped and fell. Sorry kid. 
Wow I just had a once in a life time experience. Elder Carson and I were at the church for a meeting and then this guy comes in and invites us to talk at their church. They had like a big conference and all these bishops were there from different countries in Africa. The church is called The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. I don't understand them at all. But we just sat in there and we couldn't wear shoes. And everyone was wearing white robes. They did some cool dancing and singing (my favorite part). Then we introduced ourselves after they introduced themselves. They talked about what they believe and we talked about what we believe. I got kissed on the cheek from five different grown old men. That was pretty cool. 

Thursday- For the morning I went out with a ward missionary. He has his call to Nigeria so he wanted to come and get some practice before he goes I guess. So I showed him around my area and we first met with Cama. I like going to see her because she is somehow new to Ghana like me. Right now she is having a hard time being in this country. So we can relate. It makes it easier to teach when I know the person well and we have things in common. She and her boyfriend are progressing very well and will hopefully be baptized soon. Then we went to my recent convert Godwin. That guy is the most stubborn person I know haha. He won't come to odorkor ward again because someone asked him to give the tune for one of the hymns in elders quorum and he didn't know it. So he got offended. I tried to talk to him about it but he wouldn't listen to me so i'll let the elders quorum pres know. Then we found a new person to teach. I saw a lot of kitties by this woman and I wanted to go pet them. We sat down and I pet them while I talked to the woman. I know that those kitties were sent from God so I could talk to mommy. 
After lunch we saw Nicole and Harry. She fed us catfish... With all the guts... And bones... And poop... I ate it... Blechhhh. But Friday she is feeding us hamburgers and French fries. For my birthday. Then we went to Henry and Jessica. They are my recent converts too. Ages: 13 and 11. It was light off so we just told scary stories. And then talked about alma and amulek. 

Friday- there was this old guy by a gate that we were knocking on and he was rude and told us no one was home. But we just wanted to mess with him so we kept knocking and asking him if they were home. Then someone actually came. Haha 

Saturday- I love Saturdays because its the day that we get to teach savina and her family. They have a nice house and they feed us banku every time we go over there. I also like them because I get to teach them as a family. I don't really get many chances to do that here. We contacted a lady and she welcomed us into her compound and we had a nice lesson with her. It was funny because she told us all of the things she hated about Ghana. She was definitely born in the wrong place. We'll definitely follow up with her. I think she'll accept everything well. 

Sunday- my last time to worship in the odorkor ward was today. I bore my testimony and I told them I love them and I'm going to miss them. But the best part of Sunday was when Isaac finally got confirmed. He got baptized about one month ago! But finally things were successful and done right. It was sweet. Right after church, we went to Sam's house. He fed us some amazing fufu and fish head. I ate the brain. Then we had to rush over to the first councilor in the stake presidency. We got fed tons of rice and beans and more fish. I was soooo full! It was so hard to finish. But we finished. One thing that I don't like about eating at people's houses is they always give us the food and then they'll go to another room to eat their food. There has not been one time that I have eaten with a family here. 

This was a good week. I'm getting transferred to Laterbiakoshie. It's right where kaneshie is. There's an amazing race episode where the people had to sell some things at the market in kaneshie. That's my area I think. I'll be serving with Elder Okwu. He is Nigerian. I don't know who he is so i'll find out on Wednesday :). 

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