Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flooding in Accra

Africa is not all desert. Here in West Africa, there is a dry season and a wet season. During the wet season, it rains pretty much every day. All of the gutters are above ground and are not covered. So when it rains, the water will run to the gutters and it empties into a main gutter or the river. 

Wednesday- It started to rain. I just thought it was going to be a normal rain storm. At the time, we were at the chapel to get out of the rain. Then both me and my companion decided to go home about 2 hours later. It was still pouring down rain at the time. We start to bike up to where the apartment is. We notice that the traffic is the worst we have ever seen it. We got to the top of the hill and there are cars all stopped and lined up for miles. So we start to ride down the hill and then as we are going down, the puddles get deeper and deeper. The big gutter is filled all the way up and it's running into the main highway. There is no place for the water to drain anymore. As we kept going, the water gets as high as our waist. The current is too strong to bike so we got off our bike and tried to walk straight. We knew if we accidentally step into the gutter we are dead. The current is too strong. The cars on the road are flooded and water is getting into all of the cars. We reach the house and drop our stuff off there and then immediately go out to save lives. 

I've never saved a life before this day. There were hundreds of cars that wouldn't start and they were just floating in the water. Me and my companion pushed cars to a safer zone and cleared out as many cars as possible. Crossing the road was impossible for some people. Old women and children were trying to cross the river in the road. As I saw that, I ran over and helped. I carried the small children on my back and got them across the road safely. Then the women I also carried across. After the people were safe, more cars came into the side that was the most flooded. We then had to push more cars out of the way. 

That night at least a hundred people died. Everyone's house is now flooded and most of everything is spoiled. If it rains again tonight, we are all screwed. 

Thursday- all we did was go to every members house to make sure that they were okay. There is a lot of damage. Everyone's homes got flooded and lots of their stuff is ruined. It's a sad sad thing to see. The reason why everything flooded is because everyone throws their trash in the gutter. And because of that, it gets clogged and it can't drain. I'll send pics of everything. 

Friday- It rained right when we were going to go out. So we got stuck in the apartment for a bit. Then I went out and crashed in a puddle. Then we got locked out of the apartment because we couldn't unlock the lock. So we just broke it with a hammer and bought a new one. We were locked out for like 2 hours. 

Saturday- we went to a place in our area this morning and it got hit by the flood way worse than I thought it would. Everyone had a big huge pile of clothes and all of their belongings out in front of their house. They can't save any of it. Now a bunch of people are homeless, can't find safe water, don't have any clothes or money. It's just a bad deal. I feel so bad for these people. I think I heard on the radio that the Red Cross is here? But we were able to see mommy aquia. She is doing good. We extended a baptism date to here last time but I don't think she really understands. So we just explained things to her again and I think she understands now. We also saw savina and her family. (The rich family). They fed us AGAIN. I never get tired of their banku and shito. It's amazing. But we had to reteach them the same thing we taught them last week too haha. It seems like i have to reteach most people. But it's okay. We learned about Adam and Eve and pre earth life. They agreed on basically all of it so it was nice.    The Isaac we baptized about a month ago is going back to school next week so we just went over there and we just chilled together as bros. it was a good time to talk about his plans in life and we became a lot closer. I'll be transferred before he returns from school so Sunday will be the last time I see him :/. 

Sunday three of my recent converts received the priesthood. That's the highlight of the week.
 Elder Cameron Green

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