Monday, May 18, 2015

Stake Conference Bus Trip

Tuesday- In the morning we went to an area we haven't really gone to much and we tried to find more people serious people. But I ended up getting a door slammed in my face for the very first time in my whole mission career! And then the next door... Same thing happened!! But we kept our faith strong and found 2 sweet ladies. They are fun to talk to and to teach. We also saw Isaac and he'll be baptized really soon. He has progressed so much and now we feel like he is finally ready. We had a sweet fhe with a lady from the branch down the road small. Chaii she can cook papa! We had yam with spinach stew. (The yams are completely different than the ones back home). This was the last day our district would be together because of transfers. So we had to be together that night and it was good to be at that fhe together. 

Wednesday- we saw Esther and she accepted a baptismal date and we are trying to meet with her husband too but he always gets home too late. The new missionary that is living with us is from South Africa. Elder thaleli. He's cool. So now it's Idaho, Pittsburg, Arkansas, South Africa. It'll be a fun transfer. I love my ward mission leader. He helps a lot (as much as he can) and does great. We had coordination and got some new plans for us to improve members and help us missionaries be more affective. 

Thursday- We had zone training meeting. (Where the whole zone meets together and learn how to be more effective and how to improve. It was really cool. I learned that using recent converts is the most effective way to get member present lessons. Because they are the most excited to share the gospel and it will strengthen them and keep them active. As missionaries, we are always striving to use members as often as we can. My district made a goal to help with home teaching this month. Last week we went with the elders quorum pres. and found out where members stay and who they need to teach and everything. So now we can pick people up and drag them to do their home teaching. 

Friday- We contacted a BUNCH of people in the morning. I don't know how many are serious but now we have people to go back to and visit. I got chased by a dog a little bit but then I just turned around and tried to kick it and it got more scared than me and ran off. We taught a great less active lesson and he wants us to pick him up for church. 

Sunday- Today was stake conference in Kasoa. We all met at the church at 7 am and then a big bus took the members who were there to the stake center. I was really impressed with how many people showed up from the ward! It was great the whole bus was full and we had to have people standing up. The best thing about it was me and elder Carson had 5 investigators there and a less active. I was so happy!!! They said they loved it and everything. They all woke up super early to make it in time. One of them really liked president and sister hills talks and she wanted me to take a picture of her and them. It was sweet. 

Everything is going good. Me and my companion are trying new things to see what works best. We are tryin to improve every day and to do what is right. This past week was super difficult because we had light off for four days in a row and we only slept with a fan one time because of no power. Having no sleep and sweating all day and night makes me exhausted but The Lord always makes it possible to do his work. 

Love you all. 

Elder Green (like the color)

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