Monday, June 22, 2015

Week June 8-June 14

Week of June 8-June 14

On Tuesday we had zone training meeting. It was fun to have the whole group of missionaries together. We talked more about how to achieve our mission goal every month. Each month our mission is pushing for 2 baptisms, 2 recent converts going to the temple, and 2 less actives returning to church for each companionship. The baptisms are coming and recent converts have temple experiences but its just challenging to find less actives. There are tons of them but its hard to get a list from bishop and stuff. Last month if my companion and I go one more less active, we would've achieved the goal. 

Wednesday- We decided to find some more people and tried to sit down and teach them. We found a guy living in the biggest house I've seen here. His name is Elvis but he is not aware of who the king of rock and roll is. But he's a cool guy. He actually has a desire to know the truth so we'll keep working with him. We talked to the bishop and his counselors at pec and now I feel like the ward is progressing and is becoming better. It's sweet. 

Thursday- Elder Beacom (my zone leader) and I went out in my area. First we went to Aquia. She is doing good but she didn't read and pray about the Book of Mormon. So we read some with her and hopefully she will pray and come to church. Then we helped a lady wash all her clothes. Usually when we ask someone out we can help, they don't allow us to help. But this time this lady got us both a chair and said yes. Haha it was good. We talked to her while doing our service for the day. When we went to Godwins house, I found out why I haven't seen him in three weeks at church. He's been going to another branch! The other one is actually closer to his house but I think he's in my ward boundaries. Haha that guy is a funny man. 

Friday- Elder Carson was back with me. We accidentally biked out of our area while we were contacting. This was a HOT day and I was wearing my least favorite shirt that was too small so I was uncomfortable the whole day. We were passing by a street and two small kids stopped us and made us follow them. They took us to their mom haha. So we sat down with her and got to know her and she wants us to start teaching her. Later in the afternoon I went on an exchange with Elder Chatterley. He is going home next week. He took me to his area and we introduced the Book of Mormon to a couple of girls. For some reason, every time I talk about the Book of Mormon, I know that it is true and I feel good inside. I love it! Then we met a lady that had a nice house. We got her to let us inside and to our surprise she had AC! That felt sooo amazing! We tried to make the lesson as long as possible. But we only stayed for about 20 mins and then we were back under the big hot sun again. When we got to the apartment, there was another big party outside our house. Idk why but the landlord just likes parties I guess. So we ate some nice grilled chicken and some banku with hot hot hot pepper. I couldn't sleep well because the party just got more and more intense and louder as the night went on. 

Sunday- Right when we got on our bikes to go to church we noticed that it was starting to sprinkle. As we were riding up the hill we saw the huge black clouds that were coming our way. We peddled as fast as our strong, muscular, hairy legs could go!! But it was not fast enough... The rain beat us so bad! When we got to the church our whole body was just soaked head to toe. But it's okay because I'm used to it. It's just a normal thing now. But I was freezing during church. Despite the rain, we had four investigators come to church. One guy looks just like a member but he told us that he hasn't been baptized and the missionaries taught him everything in his old ward. WHAT?! Okay so now we have a guy to see this week. It was a good church day. 

Love you all. 
Elder Green

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