Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! How is the other side of the world? Are you comfortable? Do you have a hard time sleeping at night because the heaters or the airconditioning work too well? Is it hard to mow the lawn or weed or do your laundry or take a shower or do the dishes or to drive across town or to get clean water? Well i'm sorry about how comfortable you are! Where I am in Ghana has absolutely none of that at alllll. haha but its all good; i am enjoying how people do things here, a little... This week we have had no electricity anywhere in my village for four days. so no light no fans no water to shower (pumps not working). i'm getting used to that though. I learned how to take a bucket bath and i've had to do that a couple times. We have light now thank goodness.

So on tuesday we did futball training in the afternoon. Man i am so out of shape and i cannot compete with these Africans. This friday we are playing another branch close by in a futball match. i'll score three goals. We are doing major work in AkroFufu. twice a week we get in a trotro and drive ten mins to that village and go on splits there. There are tons of people that are ready to accept the gospel and it is such an amazing experience to teach and get to know the people.

On wednesday, we did not teach as much because no one was home and people were too busy so we did a lot of contacting. We have bikes but we dont ever use them because it is hard to talk to people and greet them on bikes. So we walk and my legs are getting super big and strong.

We had a baptism last sunday. A 12 year old girl named Stephanie. It was a great feeling. I actually got to help teach her every lesson and i was so happy to see her progress and find joy learning the gospel. There are so many reasons why we should keep learning and accepting the gospel and following the example of Jesus Christ. It just makes me happy when i live righteously and am bringing other people the knowledge and happiness that i have.

My favorite food is rice now. I buy 3 cedis (that is the Ghana currency) of rice every day for lunch and then i go and cook more rice at the apartment for dinner. I ran out of stew the other day and had to experiment on different things to have with rice. Please do not put any drink mixes in with your rice. you will end up throwing it away and wasting rice and a drink mix.

The Elders in my zone and i went hiking in this place today. We hiked up a mountain for about thirty minutes to see a big huge waterfall. I was so excited to see it. The hike up was exhausting and so beautiful. We were in the rain forest and man it was an awesome experience. We got there and the waterfall was DRY! no water flowing at allll. Man that was a bummer but the place was still breathtaking. Ill send some pics. I didn't know africa was this beautiful and stuff.

This week we will teach the last lesson to a girl named Esther. she is 26 and has an adorable 5 year old daughter and a baby boy. She will be baptized this sunday.

The work is great and God loves all of his children so much.

Merry Christmas

Elder Green

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