Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Area in Ghana: Kwabeng

Wow okay i have soooo much to tell you!!!!!!!!! The field is nothing like the mtc. I am so happy to be out here doing real work. So first of all, i am serving in this village called Kwabeng. Kwabeng is the BUSH. its actually the bushiest place in my mission. poor poor poor. i kind of feel like im at scout camp because im outside the whole day. ive never been inside anyones house. we just teach on the porch. all the houses have a mud interrior and some have concrete outside walls. the roads are all rocky and muddy and stuff. i am in the mountains so it is cooler than accra. but still extremely hot and humid. 

my trainer is elder Kirkland. yes he is white. hes from az. he is very understanding and helps me a ton. me and him get a long very well and i feel very safe here. he has been on his mission for 13 months now. 

people here speak only a couple words in english. This is definitely not an english speaking mission! everything is in twi. i hope and pray to learn fast and be able to understand the people here. i know a couple greetings so far and am no good at them. it is super important that i greet everyone i walk by. they will get extremely offended. i'm sure i have offended plenty of people so far haha but oh well. at church they only speak twi so i'm sure i won't learn anything on sundays for awhile. i bore my testimony to the congregation because i'm new here and the branch pres made me. i also sang with my companion and other return missionaries. pg 136.  

I have noticed that the investigators that we have to have a translator for progress a lot faster than the ones we don't have a translator for. because the spirit is the only way they can know that what we are teaching is true. The only way we can progress in life is by keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ. please make sure we are still learning and repenting and praying and doing our best to progress and do the right. 

i love you 

Elder Green

Supper time
Cam with companion Elder Kirkland
from AZ
    Cameron always has friends

These are water satchet, like water bottles but in a bag

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