Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Working Hard out in the Bush

Well hello everyone from the other side of the world! This has been an amazing week here in Ghana. I am working extremely hard out here in the bush. It is so dang hot all the time and i am getting plenty dark. But mom don't worry my sunburn is turning into a pretty nice tan :)  So me and my companion have taught over Forty lessons this week and we have about twenty something new investigators. This means that i will get a lot more experience teaching the first lesson. Me and my compainion decided that i will take the lead in all of the lessons about the restoration. I am learning how to teach people in ghana style. They have a totally different way of thinking over here. My twi speaking is bad, i only know a couple greetings and responses but i will definitely learn more here. I learned this week to eat breakfast every morning and when you don't eat, don't take your doxy. I only threw up a couple of times though :)  Anyways, I ate fufu for the first time and it was delicious! Really spicy though. Every tuesday and saturday we go on splits and teach in acrofufu which is a village about five mins drive from kwabeng. There are lots of people ready to hear the gospel. When we go, i have to actually teach and not rely on my companion. I am getting better and more confident. Working with members is great and a huge blessing. They bring the spirit and testify so strongly of the truth because most of them are converts. also, i want to talk about faith. faith is an ACTION word. If you don't read the book of mormon, pray, and go to church, you have no faith. its so frustrating when someone doesn't do those things because i know thats all they have to do to become converted. Just three simple things.

Well kwabeng is strengthening me and i know this gospel is true. Have faith and you too will be strengthened. I love you all.

Elder Green

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