Monday, December 15, 2014

Elder Cameron Green...One Month

I am now one month on mission and i am doing great. I had a very fun week this past week because on wednesday and thursday i stayed at pres hills house and then the next day went to the temple and also had a cool christmas conference with all the other missionaries. The temple is beautiful and i know that Heavenly Father is there in the temple when i go. I feel at peace and am always at peace. We had amazing food for lunch and it felt like i was back in america haha. We then watched meet the mormons and i wish i watched it back at home. But it was so cool and very touching to me. It was a lot of fun to be with the other elders and just relax a bit. We went and got pizza on our way home and it was soo good. the trotro ride took about five hours tho. We fit 20 elders in a van that should only fit 12. it stunk and was so uncomfortable.

i have been teaching this guy named francis when i go on splits. I know he is totally ready to receive the gospel. He went on the church site and watched videos and then he called us and said he is convinced and wants to learn more. The next visit he told me he wants to be baptized. i hadn't even talked about baptism yet! hopefully he comes to church so we can baptize him soon.

I look forward to sundays because i can just relax and sleep and maybe write in my journal during church. But yesterday we got to the chapel about 10 mins before church started and the branch pres told me i was going to give a fifteen min talk during sacrament meeting. WHAT??? Man i had no idea what to talk about. ugh so i just wrote a few scriptures down and i about fainted when i walked up there having no idea what to say. I ended up giving a great talk about our purpose on earth and what we need to be doing to prepare to meet God. It was about twenty mins and everyone said they loved it. I know that the spirit was with me. We all need to make sure that we have the spirit with us. Read Book of Mormon, pray, be nice to people. 

I can't wait to call and talk to y'all. Elder Green 

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