Friday, May 6, 2016

Mission Interuption

Well it is now May and there has been a bit of time pass since the last post. In mid October, the mission president called to tell us that Elder Green was sick and needed to come home to get treatment. So, two days later we picked Elder Green up from the airport. The doctors in Ghana indicated that it was likely a gall bladder issue and would need his gall bladder removed. President Hill did not want that procedure done in Ghana.

Elder Green came home on a Monday and was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Nope, not gall bladder. More tests. Well maybe it is gall bladder. Nope, tests still come back negative for gall bladder issues. After a few days in the hospital he was finally diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Yep, he got the immunization (1st dose) so this should not have happened, but he was in the small fraction of those that still get Hep A even with the immunization.

Doctor indicated that he would recover quickly, but doctor from mission department told us to expect a few months. Well, six months later, Elder Green returned to Ghana. He is back and glad to be back. He will serve one more year so he will have been in Ghana for the full two years.

While home, he was able to go out with the local missionaries a lot and teach with them. It was very hard for him to be home when he wanted to be back on his mission in Ghana, but he survived and made it back to the field (that is the shortened version, because it was really hard for him to be at home when he wanted to be in Ghana so bad...I can't share his feelings adequately so I don't even try).

This blog is now back up and live.

Steve Green (Dad)

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