Thursday, May 26, 2016

April 23 2016: Back in the mission field

1. The flights were long and tiring. All of the planes were pretty much full so there wasnt any room to be comfortable. The flight to Amsterdam, an old lady fell and started to seize a bit right behind where i was sitting. They had to announce on the plane and ask if there were any doctors on board. Why dont they have doctors working on the fights? it makes me more scared to fly now. The ride to Ghana was interesting. It was my first time to interact with a ghanaian besides linda since i have been home. it was cool and it made me feel better and happy to be going back. 

2. The only time that i have cried was at the memphis airport. And I only cried small because I sat by a member (it was a real tender mercy). I sure did want to cry but he talked to me and calmed me down the whole entire time 

3. My new companion is Elder Nilsson. He is from Utah and is 19 years old. He is about 7 months on mission. Elder Nilsson is another answer to my prayers. He is really helping me adjust to this lifestyle again. We are getting along just fine and are working hard together. 

4. My new area is Momponse. It is in the Lartebiakorshie stake. Im close to the area i was in before oda. Maybe a 5 minute drive away. It is nice. It is the city but doesnt seem very cityish. Maybe right now I just think every place is the bush hahaha

5. I have seen a few old people but havent seen my best buds yet. It was so nice to talk to them on the phone and they still consider me their MTC mate so its all good. 

6. Okay the heat is absolutely TERRIBLE. The first night i slept in the APs apartment and they have lots of extra supplies for the mission. So I slept with 5 fans blowing right on me and i sweat like a pig in the oven! I didnt sleep at all haha but now i am able to sleep okay. I just sweet so much and i dont think ill ever get used to the heat again. 

7. I was pretty homesick the first two days. It is going to be a bigger adjustment than i was expecting. I think i felt more homesick than the first time coming here. I dont know why. What made me really homesick was when i bought a burger my first night here it tasted nothing like what a burger should taste like. And its so hard to finish my food because It tastes weird again. But small small, I will adjust. Oh and I miss you and my family tons. Just want to tell you guys about everything right when something cool happens. 

8. I got to Ghana at around 8 or 9 at night. Then the APs and President Snow picked me up. I talked to President for about 3 minutes and then went with the APs to their place for the night. Then I proselyted with them in their area for the next morning and then they dropped me off at my new place. 

9. So far i have only met my new mission president for about five minutes and I have not met Sister Snow yet. They seem to be great and I am looking forward to getting to know them more before they go home. 

10. The Keels washed all of my clothes for me and repacked and cleaned all my stuff the day before I got back. It is so nice and i really appreaciate what they did. It would not have been so great if they didnt. They are so amazing. 

11. My feelings about being back: Why am i here? Is it really possible for me to adjust to these conditions again? Its hot! I really feel like this is where I need to be. I have small doubts but I know they will go away as i work and study and am here for a bit more. 

The most interesting thing that has happened so far is probably everything. I feel the spirit so much and it is so great. I am so happy and am excited to see how i can fully serve everyone here. All the missionaries are looking up to me now and watching what i do now that i am back. This is a great opprotunity for me to be a great influence on them and help the mission grow and become stronger. The church is so true and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to receive full blessings and Happiness. I cant wait to share this great message with everyone and to be able to talk and teach by the spirit all day every day. 

On saturday we taught a lesson to some small girls like 14 and 15 years old. They came to church last week but then they said they dont believe it because people said if you go to a certain room in the chapel, you will become rich. I dont understand why people would want to share rumors about the church. That is how satan works though. after they said that, we bore strong testimony of this church and how we know it is true. It kind of shocked me and Elder Nilsson because the spirit was SO strong!!! There was no way that i can deny what my companion said to be true. It was an amazing feeling and the most spiritual experience so far these days here. 

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