Monday, February 23, 2015

Adjusting to Odorkor (Accra)

Okay hello everyone. i am here in the city now. With over 1 trillion people all packed together. My area is called Odorkor (you dont pronounce the r's) My companion is named Elder Heaton and he is from texas. He is a sweet man and will be going home in June. SO my area is a lot bigger than the last one. We have to ride bikes everywhere we go and i absolutely hate it because we have to ride on the big highway and im still getting used to the bike and there are no driving rules here... now i live in fear everytime i go out.
The people here are sweet tho. We are planning on having four baptisms on the 7th. And six investigators came to church last sunday! we are planning on having a lot of success together.
So my apartment has 8 missionaries in it. We have a lot of fun together. 3 americans, 2 nigerians, ugandan,phillipino, tongan.  I bought (the game) risk because everyone wanted to play it. We just enjoy together. It is a lot better than my last apartment.
So there is this girl that has been investigating the church for two years now and all the missionaries in the past just gave up on her like the second visit. But i am going to be the one to get through to her and baptize her. Her name is Lollia Harry i think.
One day last week i washed all of my investigators clothes during the lesson. Its small and simple things that can really make a difference. Everyone around us were freaking out and stuff because obronis were washing. When i have kids im going to punish them by making them wash their clothes by hand. Mom and dad, you should start using that for kyle and adri. Theyll learn fast to behave.
I just work and work and work and sweat all day long teaching 50 lessons a day.

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