Monday, February 16, 2015

Being Transferred to the City, Odorkor

Yo whats up! So nothing special really happened this week. But I do have some transfer news for you. I will be serving in Odorkor(its in Accra). My new companion will be Elder Heaton. I'll leave kwabeng early wednesday morning and go to my new proselyting area. Apparently i am going to enjoy it there. It has a freaking mall in my area. The bush has been really rough on me. But i enjoyed it out here. It will be a completely new experience in the  city where i don't have to speak all funny so people can understand me.
Mom i got one of your packages. Thank you! i loved all of it. You saved me haha. Can you send me some regular US stamps? so i can send letters home. I just need US stamps.
So tuesday was zone training meeting and i love going to those. I always learn a lot and it is so fun to get together as a zone and see all my friends. Before that we played football against a bunch of school teachers. And that was pretty interesting. Mostly whites against all Ghanaians. They take the game so seriously here because it's literally all they have to do for fun.
On wednesday, We taught Evelyn again. I do not want to leave here. She is so fun to teach and is by far the smartest person i have taught so far. we are already on the third lesson and she keeps all her commitments and reads and prays. Another guy that is awesome is Asante. For some reason he loves me. He calls me like five times a day asking where i am and how i am doing. but he was a referral from a member and he wants to change his life and get on the right path. I hope that both of them will be baptized. We were supposed to have midweek but the light turned off and the backup light wasn't charged so we had no midweek.
Thursday we taught 9 lessons. We went to Akrofufu and did some contacting and met new people. Then we taught a sweet family that won't come to church:( 

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