Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MTC Temple Trip in Accra Ghana

Hey everyone! I have so much to tell you and i dont know how much time i have. The mtc here is so so awesome! i am learning tons and it is so spiritual. there are tons of pioneers here with me. my roommate is the first person to serve from his country Zambia. there are 19 countries represented in this group which is like the most countries here at one time ever. My companion is Elder Eybio. (eh-e-bee-oh). he is so amazing. he is 23 years old and short. he is the only member in his family and just joined the church three years ago. he is from nigeria and speaks english. i am just now starting to understand what he says. the nigerians are the hardest to understand. me and him like to laugh and play jokes on each other. here in the mtc, is very hot. i never stop sweating because there is no air conditioning in most rooms. i stay very tired because i have lots to do and study for. the food is not what i'll be eating out in the field. for breakfast we have a boiled egg, lots of good yummy bread, and oatmeal. lunch we have rice, chicken or fish and fruit. dinner is the same kind of food as lunch. they feed us so much here so don't worry about me going hungry. all the africans don't understand why i am not green. they are seriously so confused that my name is green but i am white! its funny here because most africans dont know how to pronounce other african's names haha. 

i had the opportunity to go to the temple today. it took about an hour to get through accra and tema. i saw some interesting things on the journey. chickens roam around everywhere. lots of dirt and unfinished buildings. everything is sold on the streets. i saw two dogs trying to create life with each other. all of the police officers carry ak-47s with them. signs that say"ignorance of the law is no excuse". i am so ready to get to my area because it is so so so cool!!!!!! most of the americans are serving in accra west mission. i guess its because its the safest. the temple is absolutely beautiful and its so cool that the church here is alive and strong.

i have only worn two shirts and one pair of pants this whole time because i dont feel like handwashing my clothes. my district has five americans and five africans. i have grown to love them very much and we like to have fun together.

i have been studying and teaching a ton. i teach a couple investigators each day. my companion and i have a hard time since we can't understand each other very well. i don't know if we talk about the same topic while teaching. i will get better so i am not worried.

the mtc is great. the gospel is true i promise. i will endure to the end and do great many things. last year, there were 20,000 people baptized in west africa. we are on track to go over that number this year even without the ebola countries. we weren't allowed to shake hands the first day i got here but now we can.

Love, Elder Green

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