Friday, November 14, 2014

Made it to Ghana: God Answers Prayers

Well I am here and I am safe. it was a long flight and I was all by myself! -.- All the other seven elders met up in London so they got a nice flight but I guess I was by myself because im the strongest ;)

I was feeling really sad and lonely when i left. but then i prayed the whole way to Atlanta and i read my patriarchal blessing. i have so many good things going for me and i know that my father in heaven loves me. i have never been happier in my life. mom, i am so happy to be here and i hope that me crying at the airport didn't make you worry.

Today, i am checking in and i just got my nametag :) my companion is elder Eyibio and he is from Nigeria. I have not met him yet so i am not sure that he is coming. my roomates are from Zambia, tonga, and samoa. they are so cool and i love them. it is hot in the mtc because we have no air conditioning in most of the rooms. but it is okay i will get used to it maybe! I know that this is what i am supposed to do and it is worth missing you guys for a while.

Much love, Elder Green

p.s. i don't capitalize very often because the shift key is tiny!!!!

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